October 17, 2005

JHS 99 Complex Playground on 100th street and 1st Ave, Harlem

Right now we are in the Fact Finding stage of the Participatory Design Process. The design team is finding out how people use the playground now, and for what activities. Please write and tell us how and when you use JHS 99's playground, in the photo on the left .
The design team is also working on the long, shady area north of the school along 100th street, shown in the photo on the top right, and the courtyard on 99th street.

The long shady area on 100th street is now a fenced in shady area with 5 large trees. The courtyard on 99th street is being used for a staging area for the reconstruction of the school auditorium. The large playground on FDR Drive is an empty asphalt area.

Open Road Park on 12th street & 1st avenue, Manhattan