November 20, 2007

Student Designs from Central Park East HS Nov 16

Central Park East I, Middle School, and High School

Design 1 Design 2
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On November 16 we met with all 3 principals from Central Park East 1 Primary school, Central Park East Middle School, and Central Park East High School. The principals reviewed the designs we developed with the student teams.

The designs were developed through an 8 session participatory design process:

Session 8: Nov 13, with students
1) Bring 3 alternatives printed on base maps. These 3 alternatives were developed by the architect from the digital photos of student designs in the previous sessions.
2) Place base maps on tables with templates. Ask students to work in groups of friends making changes to alternatives.
3) Photograph alternatives and film students explaining their designs. (film the designs, their hands showing designs, and their voices)
4) Bring these alternatives to the Nov 16 session with architect and principals

Nov 16 Session with architect, pd consultant (prior to meeting with principals)
1) Lay out 3 alternatives from photos and written student work and input from principals. Discuss controversial areas, or areas that have sidetracked people from coming to conceptual consensus. (ramp, murals being painted over for ramp construction, swings, location of outdoor classroom, trees, size of areas for play equipment/swings). Plan to discuss these last, and discuss areas of conceptual agreement first.

Nov 16 Session with all 3 principals (PreK/primary, middle, high school)
1) Bring 3 conceptual plans. Discuss goal of reaching consensus, if possible, at this stage in the process. Avoid focusing on details, or disagreements and look at where you conceptually agree right now. We can make changes later, once you all have conceptual agreement on some basics. Look at the 3 conceptual plans. Which alternative is closest, and allows the activities you hope to see? which is going in the right direction (knowing you won't love any of these right now). Are there any things you absolutely hate at this point?

2) Each principal chooses the design they prefer. They all prefer the same design and they make changes to this design, all together. These are shown in the photo, above, Design 1.

3) We discuss the need for a budget based on the conceptual design they all now agree on. With this budget in front of them they can choose between, for instance, sprinklers and a rubberized track.

Discussion on sprinklers and swings:
Think about how sprinklers and swings might bring in parents with young children, how fitness areas might bring in young adults, and how this can help your playground. How having a variety of ages can make the playground more peaceful, with less vandalism, better care, with the playground kept in better shape. This'll improve things for your students during the school day.

List of concepts to go over with student team members
conceptual plan