February 6, 2010

designing parks with moveable paper models

Photograph and Curriculum by Paula Hewitt, 2000.
Urban School Playground Design with 3D paper models

Students made models of the school building, trees, play equipment and
play areas. They negotiated over designs while moving the 3D paper models.
Below are Activity Plans and Worksheets you can customize. 

Cover Page

Participatory Design Process                                    1
Materials Needed                                         2
Meet students, teachers, custodian, neighbors3
Decide who to involve in your project 4
Create your design team    5
Organize your project 6
Model Game 7
Visit your site. Study site & people’s use                      8
Sensory Activities 9
Simple maps from memory 10
Study your site perimeter. Find & make maps11
Study rain, puddles, and drains12
Make maps & base model of your site13
Write survey questions 14
Organizing survey answers15
Visit parks and playgrounds16
Interviewing experts for design principles 17
Site conditions 19
Play Value20
Play Opportunities21
Information you need to know22
2D Model Game information23
Sun and shade studies24
Study how rain flows across your site25
Study puddles after it rains26
Map drains27
How people use the place28
Creating a timeline29
Map neighborhood resources31
Graph paper (1” squares)32